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Woman talking to dentist during dental exam at Spektor DentalIf you are like us, you probably have a list of things to do every week at your house. We're sure that one of your chores on the list is cleaning. We do two different types of cleaning. There is the weekly cleaning you do each week that keeps your house livable. Then there is the deep cleaning you do around twice a year - or when you are having friends over.

Deep cleaning is vital for the health of your home. It allows you to make needed repairs and will keep your house in good condition. Much like your home cleanings, dental cleanings are vital to the health of your mouth. Dental cleanings maintain your oral health, and fix any problems that occur. Let Spektor Dental give you more information about dental cleanings.

About Dental Cleanings

Each dental visit for checkups has two parts. The first part is a dental exam. The second part is a dental cleaning. You need to get your teeth cleaned once every six months. We use this checkup to keep your teeth and gums healthy and to check for problems. Dental cleanings are how we figure out problems in your mouth before they begin.

Every time you visit us for a dental cleaning, we will take you through a procedure. First, we will most likely check to see if you have cavities. We can do this sometimes by looking at your mouth with a mirror. We might also find a cavity if we take x-rays of your teeth. X-rays not only check for cavities, but for any problems you may be having.

Next, we will do an examination of your teeth. We will check for cavities, plaque, tartar, and any bumps or spots on your teeth, gums, tongue, cheeks, or palate. Plaque is easily removed during your tooth brushing, but tartar is not. We have to remove the tartar during a dental cleaning.

We also check your gums. Sometimes, we can tell your gums are healthy just by looking at them. Other times, we have to measure how much gum you have. If your gums are healthy, you don't have much space between your teeth and gums. If you have gum disease, your spaces are deeper.

Why Do My Teeth Need to be Cleaned?

We will clean your teeth thoroughly using a variety of tools. We may have to scrape off tartar. We will blast plaque off your teeth with brushes, so they feel silky smooth. We also floss all of your teeth.

You need to have your teeth cleaned as part of your oral health. If you have your teeth cleaned every six months, and you practice good oral hygiene, you are more likely to keep your teeth. This is important, because infected teeth and gums can lead to all kinds of issues besides tooth loss. Poor oral hygiene can also lead to the need for dental fillings, dental crowns, and more. In fact, poor oral hygiene can affect your general health as well.

Do you have questions about your dental health? Do you need to get your teeth cleaned? Why not call Spektor Dental at (425) 247-3629? We'd love to get your teeth clean and sparkling!

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Dental cleanings maintain your oral health, and fix any problems that occur. Let Spektor Dental give you more information about dental cleanings. Call us today!
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