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Minimally Invasive Dentistry

Advances in our cosmetic dentistry in Bellevue WA make it easier to find and eliminate decay, while ensuring a beautiful result and more comfort for our patients. All dentistry at Spektor Dental is functional and cosmetic, so you feel and look your healthy best.

Diagnodent technology for early detection of decay

Diagnodent is a diagnostic tool that uses a laser light to measure the depth of decay in a tooth. Diagnodent provides a digital readout of the level of decay. The tool is especially helpful in identifying cavities in the deep grooves of back molars. Finding cavities early means a faster, more comfortable restorative appointment - and a smaller filling lets you keep more of your own healthy tooth.

No drilling: KCP Air Abrasion

Once we've identified early decay using Diagnodent, we can remove small cavities with microscopic abrasive particles delivered through a spray of air with the KCP (Kinetic Cavity Preparation) system. Once free of decay, we protect the tooth with a composite filling. Air abrasion is a particularly good choice for children, whether for shallow cavities or preventive sealants.

Icon by DMG for early cavities and white spots on teeth

In a single short visit, this technology stops the progression of early cavities and removes unsightly white spots.

Before minimally invasive dentistry at Spektor Dental
After minimally invasive dentistry at Spektor Dental
Before and after minimally invasive dental care.
After minimally invasive dentistry (front four teeth only), the rest of the teeth are full of noticeable white spots.

For very early cavities:

•  The Icon process can fill and seal beginning cavities in between teeth
•  Treatment does not require shots of anesthesia or drilling
•  Icon helps preserve healthy tooth structure

Cosmetic treatment for white spots on teeth:

•  Treats early stage cavities on the smooth surface of a tooth (they look like chalky white spots)
•  Removes white spots often left behind after orthodontic treatment
•  Restores the natural look of a healthy tooth and reinforces the enamel

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