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Oral Appliance Therapy

If you have been told that you have sleep apnea, you may be wondering what you can do to fix the problem. We know how frustrating sleep apnea can be. You may be utterly exhausted every single day. You may have tried sleeping in different positions, and you may have tried using a different pillow. So far, nothing has worked. Your doctor has suggested that you get help for your sleep apnea. However, you are not sure which treatment to get - and none of them sound very appealing.

Did you know that instead of wearing a mask every night, or having surgery, you can get treatment for your apnea with an oral appliance? Wearing an oral appliance every night can help you breathe more easily and get the restful sleep you’ve been craving. Let Spektor Dental tell you about the benefits of oral appliances for treating sleep apnea.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is one of several sleep disorders. Doctors think that sleep apnea is caused by excess tissue in your throat that blocks your breathing. When that happens, you can stop breathing for several seconds many times throughout the night. Because your breathing is constantly interrupting your sleep, you don’t get the sleep you should. This means your body never truly rests - and it needs to for optimum health.

If your sleep apnea remains untreated, you are setting yourself up for future problems. You may have issues with headaches and migraines, weight gain, depression, and memory loss. Often, people with sleep apnea are at a higher risk for heart disease and diabetes. Sleep apnea is sometimes fatal.


Luckily, you don’t have to suffer from sleep apnea with no treatment. Many different treatment options are available for sleep apnea. You may choose to wear a mask to help you breathe normally. A lot of people with sleep apnea don’t tolerate the mask well. It is bulky and uncomfortable to wear. They also don’t like being physically separated from their partner by a mask. You can also have a surgical procedure to get rid of excess tissue in your throat that might be causing the trouble. Many people don’t want to undergo surgery because they already have breathing issues, or they don’t tolerate anesthesia well.

Oral appliances provide a great alternative to surgery for sleep apnea. The oral appliance operates much like a traditional night mouthguard. It pulls your jaw forward so that you can breathe easily. We can make an oral appliance for you in our office. We take an impression of your teeth and make a mouthpiece just for you. After your mouthpiece is created for you, you will wear it every night. You should begin to see the results from a better night’s sleep immediately.

If you are having trouble sleeping, and your doctor has told you that you have sleep apnea, why not give Spektor Dental a call at (425) 247-3629. Let us talk to you about the benefits of oral appliances as treatment for sleep apnea.

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If you are having trouble sleeping, and your doctor has told you that you have sleep apnea, why not give Spektor Dental a call to learn about treatment for sleep apnea.
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