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Teeth Whitening
Bellevue, WA

Before and after photo of teeth whitening treatment at Spektor Dental in Bellevue, WAYou look at your smile and your teeth look yellow! Compare the whites of your eyes to your teeth - At Spektor Dental, we take pride in being able to educate you on your cosmetic whitening choices. Everyone is different - We can guide you on the whitening options that are good for you - Give us a call, come see us and let's talk about the options you have for whitening!

What Is Whitening?

When your teeth first erupt, they are usually white and beautiful. Over time, your teeth can acquire stains and discoloration. Whitening your teeth will allow you to get rid of those stains on your teeth by cleaning and bleaching the surface of your teeth. Not every stain can be removed but when discussing with your team at Spektor Dental, they will guide you on what else might be needed so you have a successful result.

What Kinds of Whitening Products Are There?

The amount of time you have to whiten your teeth, and how much you need your teeth whitened will determine the kind of whitening you need to have done. If you have several months before your big event, and you only need your teeth whitened a few shades, you can try whitening toothpaste and mouthwash. These products will deliver some teeth whitening over time. The Spektor Dental Store carries many products for you to try. Ask us next time you visit the office!

However, if you have a shorter period of time you need to whiten, and you need to have your teeth whitened several shades, you can try whitening strips. You can place the strips over your teeth, two sets in a row for about 10-30 minutes each strip. You do have to hang out with gunky strips on your teeth, but they will help you whiten. The first strip cleans and the second one whitens. Use the full package and see how your smile looks! Use whitening tooth paste as well.

What if you need some serious whitening help, or if you have a short amount of time to whiten? You need to come in and see us. We can whiten your teeth significantly - depending on how quickly you need it. You can choose to get custom whitening trays to take home and whiten your teeth. We prepare the trays for you and send you home to whiten.

We also do KOR DEEP BLEACHING. It is the most successful whitening system we have. You come in and we take exact models of your teeth and send them to the lab where the trays are custom made. When they return to our office we have you back to review the system and begin the treatment. The finish is determined by you and the team. You complete the whitening when you return for the last whitening process. You can do touch up as you want.

Do you have a big event coming up that you need to be picture perfect for? Do you need to make sure your teeth are perfect before a big marketing conference or a job interview? Maybe you want to look younger and feel more confident. All of these things can be accomplished with tooth whitening.

If you need to get your teeth cleaned and polished, why not give Spektor Dental a call at (425) 247-3629. We can help get you ready for any big event, and make sure you are showing your best, brightest teeth to the world. Give us a call today.

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You look at your smile and your teeth look yellow! Compare the whites of your eyes to your teeth - At Spektor Dental, we take pride in being able to educate you on your whitening choices.
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